The Galpipe Project at OAPA

A group of scientists of the OAPA in collaboration with scientists of CFA has developed a complete system for the automated scientific analysis of the ROSAT PSPC data, that is based both on IRAF/IDL/FTOOL/XSPEC standard tools and specific software purposely developed for this project.

The most crucial innovation is a new detection algorithm based on ``wavelet transforms'' developed at OAPA . This new algorithm is also capable to give consistent source intensities and upper-limits for undetected objects as well as an estimate of source extension. For further detailed description of the general mathematical properties of this wavelet transforms detection code see Damiani et al. 1997a and for a specific ROSAT PSPC application Damiani et al. 1997b ( Figures 1-11 [516 kB], Figure 12-15 [1137 kB] )

The products of the pipeline are stored both in a relational database and in CDROM's. To monitor the pipeline processing and archiving, and to locate a sequence already processed and archived, you can browse the on-line index of CDROM's produced so far at OAPA.

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