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The Algiers Observatory

Founded by the French Government in 1856, initially it was a meteorological station, upgraded in 1858 to an astronomical station of the Paris Observatory. In 1885 the Observatory was relocated to La Bouzaréh, on the top of a hill on the city of Algiers outskirts.

It was assigned the zone +04° to -02°, but it made heliogravures only for the odd zones -1°, +1°, +3°.  

On the whole, 1260 plates were exposed between 1891 and 1911. In the years 1933-1935 the Algiers Observatory also contributed to zone +11° (assigned to Bordeaux Observatory), making most of the plates realized for that zone.

The observatory at Bouzaréh, 1913 ca.

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Charts held at the INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo Library:

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