The Carte du Ciel enterprise

Bordeaux Observatory

The Bordeaux Observatory was assigned the zone +11 to +17.   

The 513 plates exposed during the period 1900-1937 are still kept at the Observatory and have recently been used to make a proper motion catalogue (C. Ducourant et al. ,The PM2000 Bordeaux proper motion catalogue, A&A 448, 1235-1245, 2006)


Charts held at the INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo Library:


References: F. Le Guet Tully et al., Les traces materielles de la Carte du Ciel, in: La Carte du Ciel, ed. by J. Lamy, EDP Sciences, 2008, p. 222.


Donatella Randazzo, 6 November 2012