Summary of information

Position Full Professor of Astronomy (Professore Ordinario di Astronomia - FIS05 // 02C1)
at Dipartimento di Fisica - Specola Universitaria - University of Palermo (Palermo - Sicily)
Member of the Scientific Council of the CINECA
Representative of the Univ. of Palermo within the Administrative Council of COMETA consortium,
also at INAF/Osservatorio Astronomico "G.S. Vaiana" as an INAF associate
Voice Phone (+39)(91) 233236 (At the Observ.) -OR- (+39)(91) 23891741 (At the Phys. Dept.)
Fax (+39)(91) 233444
Switchboard (+39)(91) 233111
Teaching courses: Astronomy, Physics for Computer Scientists , Numerical simulations of Physical Phenomena , graduate courses of Physics: Astrophysical plasmas
Research : X-rays Astronomy, EUV Astronomy, Solar Physics, Stellar Physics, Hydrodynamics and Plasma Modelling, X-ray and UV Spectroscopy, high performance computing.

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