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compiled by Donata Randazzo (Librarian)

This Librarian's corner hosts links pointing to free online resources which can be of use to librarians handling rare book collections in the field of sciences, particularly Astronomy. Although by rare I intend books printed before 1850, some later material, especially among the serials, is also included.
The free online resources enlisted have all been of help in my sorting out, shaping and describing the rare book collections held at the Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo. In fact, this site derives from my original list of bookmarks, which through time had become so large that I felt the need to organize it in sections. The General section presents links to resources on rare books of all disciplines.
I have tried to include as many digitilized early astronomy books and science serials as possible, but my lists are definitely incomplete as new projects are continuously started.



Last update: August 18, 2006